Being one of the leading institutes for accounting and financial services in Karimnagar, Telangana, India and UAE, sometimes we have to undertake a number of jobs within the same period of time. This is when we turn towards our associate partners for their assistance. Our associates are trustworthy industrial professionals who have carved a niche for themselves just like us. This way we are able to handle every client and cater to their needs within the set time constraints. This helps us ensure that none of our clients go disappointed from our organization. Our associate partners include:

  • Apex Auditing, Dubai, UAE: For auditing services
  • Green House Accountants, Dubai, UAE: For accounting services
  • Stranbys Info Solution, Dubai, UAE: For software and its implementation services
We have chosen the associate partners with utter care and know that they would also render amazing services that are at par with the accounting, auditing, educational and IT services offered by Axis Group of Services. We turn towards our associate partners in times of need when we are unable to undertake a specific work. This is one of the measures undertaken by AGS to show their commitment to all its clients in an energy-efficient and cost-effective way.